The student council anime podcast

The Plan

With this season coming to an end, it doesn’t seem worth it for us to review each individual airing episode at this point.  We will be doing an overall review of each of the following series once all the finale’s have aired:

Denpa Onna
Deadman Wonderland

We will also begin weekly reviews of Steins;gateNichijou and Hanasaku Iroha when the next season begins along with weekly reviews of whatever we decide to watch.

Probably during the Spring 2011 Finale episode we will do a short preview of Summer 2011’s anime lineup.  We have also been talking about doing some video reviews of exceptional anime scenes, so expect at least one of those episode before Summer 2011 begins.  During the Summer 2011 season, we plan to review 2 episodes per week of Bokurano.  A tentative schedule is available after the break.

June 26-July 2: Spring 2011 Reviews, Summer 2011 Previews

July 3-9: Anime Scenes Video Review

July 10 onwards: Summer 2011 Weekly Reviews


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