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Otherwise-Six Intro Post!! [Explanation of Format]

Hey everyone! Thanks for dropping by our soon-to-be-meticulously-updated anime blog! This is my very first post, so I think I’ll take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the format that I’ll be using for my articles. Basically it’ll look a bit like this:

Anime Name Here

  • Running Score: A Total Ranking of the Anime Series as it stands using the official SeitoCAST Ranking System. [Kuroneko Rank out of 5]
  • Main Plot: a brief description about the anime’s main theme(s) and/or plot(s).
    • Music: I rank the Opening and Ending themes as well as any notable insert music used throughout the anime. [Rank out of 10]
    • Originality: I rank how original I believe the series to be due to storyline, characters, etc. [Rank out of 10]
    • Animation: I rank the overall production qualities of the shows animation style.        [Rank out of 10]
    • Characters: I rank the characters of the anime based on personalities, uniqueness and how much I think the characters add to the anime itself. [Rank out of 10]
    • Character Design: I rank the appearance of the characters and offer my two cents on how appropriate the style is for the anime. [Rank out of 10]
    • Entertainment Value: Something that is usually over-looked, I use this category to try and convey how entertaining the anime is as a whole and  [Rank out of 10]

*My Own Personal Ranking System is out of 10*

The Konata Meter!!!

More Konata = Higher Score

Simple, Yet Elegant, Yes? 

  • Episode ## – as I watch airing episodes week by week I’ll let people know how good I thought the episode was overall as well as inform followers whether or not any overall changes have been made to the shows scores due to the episode. I may have a few brief notes about the episodes but it will likely just be my own personal feeling about how certain thing played out or were handled during the episode. I’ll also mention that his section (as well as almost everything else I write) will be completely 100% SPOILER FREE!

*I’d also just like to mention that all of the articles to come are going to be incredibly biased by my own opinions. That isn’t something you need to bring to my attention. Since I’m writing these reviews with no formal knowledge of what kind of music or art is considered to be “good” by the masses of the world, I can only offer my own opinions about how I feel about the anime. If your tastes greatly differ from mine, you may not agree with a lot of the stuff I write, but that’s fine! People are all different, and as a matter of fact my fellow casters MarcAaronGreg and Craig and I all have different tastes than one another. So if you don’t like my stuff, go check out their stuff and I’m sure you’ll be able to find somethingthat you agree with! That’s all for today, but I’ll definitely update within the next 24 hours.


2 responses to “Otherwise-Six Intro Post!! [Explanation of Format]

  1. Aaron July 13, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    Coolbeans. Are you just going to be blogging each episode we watch or other shows as well?

  2. Otherwise-Six (Alex) July 16, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    I’ll be blogging every show I watch (hopefully). Just givin’ my personal perspective on things.

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