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Alright, Time to Change my Format!!!

Okay, so I’ve only put up ONE post since I decided to start doing these and I’m already thinking it’s time for some serious change. I only decided to do my little reviews so people could just see what I thought of certain shows quickly and easily, that way if anyone happened to have similar tastes in anime they would be able to find new shows to watch relatively painlessly. But I didn’t make it painless at all…

Basically, I was only planning to put down the ratings and leave it at that. It was going to be pretty much the bare minimum on every show, but then I thought that it was a bit pretentious of me to just say, “This shows art get 8/10” and not explain myself at all. Therefore I decided to just add a little bit of explanatory text. My second post on Baka to Test 2 was the result of that idea.

Due to my long-winded nature and tendency to ramble (which just so happens to be taking over this post as well…) I found myself with a wall of text that would take too long for the average person on the internet to bother to read, and took me way too long to write (I happen to be an incredibly slow writer/reader) . I actually do have drafts saved up in the same way-too-long format that I was working on but wanted to wait until they were all finished to release them, but now I’ve decided that it’s in the best interest of everyone to just scrap it and be quicker about things.

I will only put down my Running Total in the SeitoCAST Kuroneko Scale and give all the different criteria a score in my Konata Scale. If anyone wants explanations on why I rated things the way I did, they can leave a comment if they wish (but I doubt anyone will want to know specifics anyways). If you have similar tastes in anime as I do, then feel free to take these ratings to heart. If not, you’ll probably find the other casters input to be more helpful (they’re all strange and very different people from myself.)

So this will likely be my last wearisomely verbose post. Don’t blame me, blame how our school system decided that we needed essay format to be drilled into our heads and how repeating the same thing 3 or 5 times in a paper is the “correct” way to write. More Posts to Come!!!!!!


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