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SeitoPost #1 (in lieu of SeitoCast Episode #4)


Hello there Seitocast fans, and welcome to this week’s episode of Seitocast!  Wait… what?

Due to a series of terrible tragedies and poor scheduling, we were unable to get the four of us online and at the same time to record this week’s episode.  Since it is now Friday and we’re three days behind The Schedule, I’ve decided to throw up some quick reviews on the shows I’m watching.  This will only cover anything that aired on or before Tuesday July the 26th, and everything after that point will be covered in next week’s episode of the ‘cast.  Hit the jump to see the commentary.

Dantalian no Shoka – 02

I’m still not sure if I like Dantalian no Shoka or not.  The first episode was dragged out with a bit more exposition than I like in a first episode.  The characters are following the “Everyman” and “Super-Girl” routine, that is overdone to the point of hatred.  On the other hand the “Everyman” actually has a personality, and is a competent human being.  Unlike many other shows in this vein (Gosick, God’s Notebook) the MC isn’t fed the answers by the Super-Girl, and the two of them have a reasonable back and forth.  Hugh deduces and fills in the gaps on the human side of things, while Dalian does the same for the magical end of things.  Whether or not the show will play out fully is going to hinge heavily on how well these two interact.

I found the mystery aspect of the second episode decent.  It could have been played a bit better, but the characters didn’t divine any answers that the viewer couldn’t have also figured out.  It did however feel a bit drawn out in the middle, before the confrontation with the Mystical Being of the Week arrived.  I really enjoy the way the magical powers Hugh and Dalian employ are tied to ancient myths.  It flairs up the standard, “KAMEHAMEHAAAAAA” into something a bit literary, and a little more interesting.

Aaron: This episode was a vast improvement over the first.  The mystery was fairly obvious, but at least they made the effort of dropping clues before revealing the killer.  Once we got to the action in the second half, things got pretty damn cool.  I quite like the way Hugh uses the books in combat, although it still does seem silly when their enemy  allows them to read a few paragraphs before taking any action.  This episode was still bogged down with some uninteresting dialogue in the first several minutes, but I am now more interested to see where this story goes.  3/5

Also the transformation scene is oddly arousing.

Also the transformation scene is oddly arousing.

 Overall I enjoyed the second episode, but wasn’t blown away by any means.  I’ll continue watching and see how it develops. 3/5

Kamisama Dolls – 04

I was on the verge of dropping Kamisama Dolls last week.  The things I liked about the first episode of this show were Aki’s schizophrenia, Utao’s ability to be cute without ruining everything, and some pretty neat fight scenes.  Episode 3 was lacking all of that.  Utao was so cute that my heart was about to stop, but that’s not enough material for an entire episode.  Or at least an entire episode of a show like Kamisama Dolls.  Luckily this week fixed everything.

The fight scene that was glossed over very heavily in episode three was filled in with some detail.  Schizophrenic Aki got a lot of screen time, with his new counterpart Kuuko to keep him company.  The two worked really well together; they both function outside the norms of society and are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want.  Utao continued to be mind blowingly cute, without dominating the entire episode with her presence.  And the MC started to show a bit of a personality!  I’m back into this show in a pretty good way, hopefully they will keep it going.

I was quite impressed with this episode, and hope to see more of this quality.  4/5

Aaron: Character development! Cool action scenes! A giant rack! oh wait that’s one thing that’s in every episode of Kamisama Dolls.  Well, I must say that I am coming to quite like Kuuko (the crazy redhead girl) for reasons I can not fully grasp myself.  The action scenes in this episode were well choreographed and the flow between them was much improved (we could actually tell how they got from scene A to scene B).  I can almost give this a 4, but I won’t just because of the amount of time they continue to spend fanserving both Utao and Hibino.  3/5

Seriously though they put a lot of love into Utao's facial expressions.

Seriously though they put a lot of love into Utao's facial expressions.

Nichijou – 17

Aired almost five days ago!  I’m so behind on my commentary.  This entire episode was pretty solid gold.  The silent scene, with the card house cracked me up.  I couldn’t control the laughter.  4/5

Aaron: I hate this show. Why am i still watching it?  2/5

Oh mai, you trollin'

Oh mai, you trollin'

No 6 – 04

Aaron: Whoa Craig, getting ahead of yourself here.  This week we were supposed to talk about Episode 3, an episode I really enjoyed.  The surgical extraction scene was pretty gross but interesting.  In fact everything this episode revealed I found to be incredibly interesting. From the 3 episodes I’ve seen it seems almost certain that the series is going to boil down to Shion picking sides: choosing to either save the city No.6 which had forsaken him, or to help the morally ambiguous inhabitants of the abandoned wastes.  This episode was mostly just watching dialogue between Shion and Nezumi in a single room, but I thought that the topics they were discussing did well to develop the entire world in which this series takes place. 4/5

Highlight below here if you are wanting to read Craig’s comments on episode 4:

Another show that I’m still not sure how I feel about.  The slums are reasonably nicer than I first expected them to be.  The initial scene where they left the city it seemed like a very bleak wasteland, and I was hoping for some wasteland wandering.  Now though it seems like a pretty functional city outside of the city.  Sure it’s dirty, filled with crime and poverty, and probably stinks – but it’s there and functional.  It wasn’t the setup I was expecting, especially with the ED where Nezumi and Shion are wandering alone through some ruins.

Throughout the past two episodes Nezumi keeps taunting Shion with how “The Truth” will change how he views No 6 completely.  I understand you can’t reveal your twist right away in a show like No 6, or else you end with something like Moon or Denpa Onna; the show drags out past what should be its conclusion.  You can’t have one of the two main characters aware of the twist and just have him, not explain it.  It feels a little fake.

Shion finally showed some motivation to actually interact with a character other than Nezumi, and it was because a pimp insulted him.  Yeah they’re gay get over it.  3/5


This is an anime No 6, there is no cameraman to justify shakey cam.

This is an anime No 6, there is no cameraman to justify shakey cam.

Steins;Gate – 17

I don’t have too much to say about this episode.  Feyris is the least interesting of the characters to me.  Nyan, nyan, nyan.  A character how can say something like, “My dad died, meow.” Strikes me as so completely fake that I am unable to get into them.  Consequently I felt this week’s episode was the weakest since the first three episodes, where they were still setting up the characters and plot.

The one moment I did find interesting was Okarin standing at the window, about to delete Feyris’ father.  We had previously wondered on the cast, what Okarin would choose if he had to choose between Mayuri and another member of the lab.  Initially I had said he would brute force the ever-popular save everyone method, but this scene has begun to make me wonder.  Will we see Okarin be faced down with a lose/lose situation that is unavoidable?  I certainly hope so, broken down Okarin is moe.  4/5

Aaron: Well the first thing I noticed in this episode was that, contrary to Marc’s suspicions, Kurisu was still around!  Unfortunately, I did have a couple issues with this episode.  Firstly, the basis of the episode was due to an out of character mistake that Kyouma made several episodes earlier (letting Feyris send a D-mail to the past without checking it).  Secondly, I was unable to sympathize with Feyris having to give up her Father’s life in order to save Mayuri because both Feyris and her Father were not developed very well in prior episodes.  That being said, this is Steins;Gate.  Despite the problems I had, this episode was still solid and I do like the direction that they are currently taking where Kyouma has to figure out how to undo all the changes he made to the timeline.  4/5

Such a badass~

Such a badass~

Mawaru Penguindrum – 3

Aaron: Here we are immediately thrown into aquatic imagery surrounding Ringo and then the reused transformation scene from episodes 1 and 2. I’m actually not really bothered by the re-use of the transformation scene as long as they continue to make minor changes.  I found Cow-mode Himari to be pretty hilarious.  On the other hand, I felt that most of the penguin humour fell flat this episode.

One thing that I think was done well in this episode was developing Ringo further as a character.  I especially like the scene when Ringo picks up the boiling pot of curry with her bare hands in order to switch it with the girlfriend’s pot.  This really goes to show how intensely serious she is about whatever she is trying to accomplish.  The episode again ends with the word “Destiny” in audio and stamped into Ringo’s diary, the significance of which I could ramble on about for a while (see SeitoCast episode 3).  Overall this episode was very interesting throughout, although some of the jokes here didn’t do much for me.  4/5

The original transformation sequence song:

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – 4

Aaron: In this episode we find out that the French don’t bathe regularly…good to know.  Now I found some good things and some bad things in this episode.  Starting with the good, I like that Yune was able to stand up to Claude and show the courtesy to Alice.  I was a little worried in earlier episodes that Yune would be a mindless automaton with unbearable subservience to Claude.  However, my fears were eliminated with this episode.  Another thing that I think was done well is the theme of big business vs. small business.  The theme was definitely pushed quite effectively throughout the episode, especially with Claude’s insistence that Yune stay far away from Alice.

Unfortunately, the things that were done well were overshadowed but an incredibly annoying character named Alice, who appears to be a completely two dimensional character.  I suppose it would be within the scope of the plot to have Yune convince Alice to be more kind to small businesses, but I would be surprised if Alice actually does undergo any character development.  I also was quite confused at Yune refusing Alice’s offer to return her Kimono without any conditions.  Yune said it was to allow Claude to show that he can keep his promises, but this really does seem out of character for Yune if this is indeed what she is trying to do.  I would think she would try to be less trouble to Claude by not needing him to get her kimono back anymore. 

Compounding with these problems, the relaxing atmosphere that was built up in episodes 1 and 2 seems to have completely disappeared now 😦 3/5

Annoying on wheels

Kamisama no Memo Chou – 3

Aaron: So this show is no longer a detective show apparently; there were also no immature moments, the likes of which tarnished episodes 1 and 2.  I was totally getting Durarara!!! vibes from this episode with all the gang fights and gang internal affairs.  On this note, I actually liked this approach considerably more than the first two episodes which consisted of weak or non-existent mysteries.  The characters that were developed in this episode (Minli the Ramen shop woman and Meo) are very likeable.  I particular liked the scene where the main character made the bluff against the Yakuza.  Even I, as an outside viewer was fooled into thinking that they were capable of hacking the bank’s systems. 4/5



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