The student council anime podcast

About SeitoCast Authors

SeitoCast is a group of anime enthusiasts that have come together for one sole purpose: to praise, complain, and ramble on about anything related to anime.  You can e-mail any questions to us at and we will respond to these questions in our next podcast.

Aaron (something known as Rhastaroth) is a university business student, anime fan, and gamer.  He thrives upon competition and enjoys a broad range of anime genres.

Alex (aka Otherwise-Six) is currently enrolled in university with the hopes of obtaining his Bachelor of Computer Science with a Minor in Business, all so he can completely ignore it and open up his own anime shop in the near future. He’s only in it for the lulz.

Craig (aka Averaen) is an occasional student, data entry-ist, CSR and computer technician.  He’s also a committed anime fan, gamer and all-around geek.  He loves all genres of anime, but has a pronounced soft spot for over-the-top philisophical/avant-garde anime.

Greg (aka…Greg.) is a student by day and private in the canadian reserves by night.Oh yeah, he’s an otaku too. He plans on going to collage to become a coder for programming video games. He’s loud and proud, and also a bronie.
“There is nothing wrong with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” – Greg (2011)

Marc (aka Rific) is an aspiring filmmaker and otaku extraordinaire.  He is attending University in the Film Honours program and planning to attend the Toronto Film School.  He is afraid of male harems but is a bit of a sucker for shows with romance, as long as the male to female ratio holds at a steady 1:2. For the harem end!!!!!!


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