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SeitoCAST – Fall 2011 Preview Episode!

Hey guys, Marc here presenting our Fall Preview for this year and what a good season it looks to be.

Here’s the preview guide so you can follow along!


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Kara no Shoujo – A Visual Novel Review (NOT THE HENTAI !!!)

So, in light of my colleagues’ entries, I thought it was about time to make my own. I like to read visual novels quite often, a.k.a eroges, dating sims, h-games, however I like to consider them Visual Novels (at least the ones I read) because more than anything it is a story, the H scenes are just a bonus and the guaranteed romance is also a great thing. One thing I hate about most harem anime is that nothing will ever progress with any character romantically (usually) however with a Visual Novel, not only is it guaranteed that something will happen, you get to pick the girl you want it to happen with! It’s genius, I know! VN’s are absolutely one of my favorite mediums for story. Equally, if not more so, as anime. So, with that, I will be consistently reviewing Visual Novels as I read them.

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