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First Impressions – Bunny (Usagi) Drop

Yeah I prefer to use the English titles, what of it.

Bunny Drop is one of the summer season’s two noitaminA shows.  It’s an adaptation of a manga of the same name by Production IG and Fuji TV.  It tells the story of Daikichi, an unmarried 30 year old, who adopts his grandfather’s illegitimate child, Rin.


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First Impressions – Kamisama no Memo-chou

Alice tearing up.

Kamisama no Memo-chou is the story of Alice, a “NEET Detective” and Narumi, a generic male lead.  Alice solves mysteries and crimes from her apartment, by using the internet, listening devices, and a ragtag pack of assistants.  Narumi is unknowingly dragged into being one of her assistants (who could say no to that face?) and helps solve a missing girl case.  The show is created by JC Staff, one of the most hit or miss studios around.   In particular they suffer from weak generic male lead syndrome.

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First Impressions – Ikoku Meiro no Croisée

Beautiful Artwork of 19th Century France

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée is the newest project by Satelight (the studio that brought us Hellsing Ultimate, Macross Frontier, and Fairy Tail) is the first series to catch my attention in the summer 2011 anime season.  The series is set in 19th century France during which apparently the French had taken a particular interest in Japanese culture.

This slice of life series follows the story of a young Japanese girl, Yune, who has traveled to France to work in some obscure signboard shop run by a talented young blacksmith named Claude. The inhabitants of the French city seem to take particular interest in Yune as she wanders the streets in her traditional Japanese clothing, so Oscar (the character who brought Yune from Japan) suggests that she would be a good attraction for their store.  At first Claude is reluctant to allow Yune to stay, but over the course of the episode they manage to bond, in spite of a couple incidents.

So what did I think of this show? Find out below!

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Fall 2011 Anime Season

The Plan

With this season coming to an end, it doesn’t seem worth it for us to review each individual airing episode at this point.  We will be doing an overall review of each of the following series once all the finale’s have aired:

Denpa Onna
Deadman Wonderland

We will also begin weekly reviews of Steins;gateNichijou and Hanasaku Iroha when the next season begins along with weekly reviews of whatever we decide to watch.

Probably during the Spring 2011 Finale episode we will do a short preview of Summer 2011’s anime lineup.  We have also been talking about doing some video reviews of exceptional anime scenes, so expect at least one of those episode before Summer 2011 begins.  During the Summer 2011 season, we plan to review 2 episodes per week of Bokurano.  A tentative schedule is available after the break.

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SeitoCast – Top 5 Anime Character Pairings


The first SeitoCast production!

This episode we discuss each of our favorite anime character pairings.  Can you guess which pair appears on every single one of our lists?

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The Saga of the SeitoCast begins