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Otherwise-Six’s Blunt Summer 2011 Reviews

Dr. Pepper is now the official drink of anime geniuses

I was instructed by our fearless leader Aaron to move all of my reviews into one post space because with the number of shows I’m watching this season I was effectively spamming the crap out of the main page. So here is the entire list of shows I’m watching this season with my ratings. I’m trying to work on being concise with my words so (aside from the first 2 which I see no point in shortening at the moment because they’re already done) the following reviews are going to be a short and to the point as I can make them. For now, only the ratings, but I’ll defiantly add in a small bit of info to back up my views in due time, so keep checking back if your interested. This is a work in progress for now due to my limited amount of free time.

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Alright, Time to Change my Format!!!

Okay, so I’ve only put up ONE post since I decided to start doing these and I’m already thinking it’s time for some serious change. I only decided to do my little reviews so people could just see what I thought of certain shows quickly and easily, that way if anyone happened to have similar tastes in anime they would be able to find new shows to watch relatively painlessly. But I didn’t make it painless at all…

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Otherwise-Six Intro Post!! [Explanation of Format]

Hey everyone! Thanks for dropping by our soon-to-be-meticulously-updated anime blog! This is my very first post, so I think I’ll take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the format that I’ll be using for my articles. Basically it’ll look a bit like this: Read more of this post