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First Impressions – Bunny (Usagi) Drop

Yeah I prefer to use the English titles, what of it.

Bunny Drop is one of the summer season’s two noitaminA shows.  It’s an adaptation of a manga of the same name by Production IG and Fuji TV.  It tells the story of Daikichi, an unmarried 30 year old, who adopts his grandfather’s illegitimate child, Rin.


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First Impressions – Kamisama no Memo-chou

Alice tearing up.

Kamisama no Memo-chou is the story of Alice, a “NEET Detective” and Narumi, a generic male lead.  Alice solves mysteries and crimes from her apartment, by using the internet, listening devices, and a ragtag pack of assistants.  Narumi is unknowingly dragged into being one of her assistants (who could say no to that face?) and helps solve a missing girl case.  The show is created by JC Staff, one of the most hit or miss studios around.   In particular they suffer from weak generic male lead syndrome.

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